Holiday Traditions


I love this time of year, Halloween is fun, but this season is what it’s all about!  Especially CHRISTMAS!!!  Christmas is a fun time for us because that was when we got engaged! Last year we didn’t really have the opportunity to make our own traditions in our little family unit, so this year that is our goal.  Here is our list:

  1. New Years Eve Party
  2. Filipino Traditions
  3. Read the nativity on Christmas Eve
  4. One gift that we give as a family to someone else – service or otherwise
  5. Christmas fettuccine
  6. Advent calendars

These are just a few I have been thinking of.  I’m sure the list will change over the years.  It snowed here the last two days.  Usually I hate it.  And I’m sure I will, but I also can’t deny that at least at first there is a little magic in the air when it starts to snow.  I don’t know how to drive in it, so that will be tricky as always, but it is just a little bit magical.

What traditions do you and your family have?  I love to hear about things like this – makes the holidays so fun!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. We always put out our best dishes and make a big Christmas eve dinner, We make sugar cookies every year and decorate them and deliver them to neighbors, We have to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate at some point, We put up our Tree the day after Thanksgiving or as soon as we can after, We read the nativity story on Christmas Eve. There are more we come up with every year, but these are a few that we really enjoy 🙂

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