Worthwhile Goals

NYE Last Year - Couldn't keep my eyes open!

NYE Last Year – Couldn’t keep my eyes open!

It’s that time of year again.  You know, setting new resolutions for the year ahead.  For some reason it is soooo hard for me.  Every year I want to be skinnier, but this year it seems so shallow of me.  Like I need to take my mom’s advice and just stop it.  STOP fixating on the way I look!

Am I just totally insane?  I want to be healthier and thinner and whatever, but when I set that goal for myself I always focus on myself afterwords and no one/nothing else.  I don’t want that to be the case in 2014.  And if I must focus on myself I want it to be something that means a little more to me.  Like growing creatively, professionally, spiritually.  I guess I will need to come up with tangible ‘To Do’s’ to get this done.

1.  Create HelloGloua logo and stationary

2.  Read scriptures every morning for 10 minutes.

3.  Give service to others.

4.  Learn a new medium (art).

5.  Write one handwritten letter a week.

6.  Actually carry out my idea of HelloGloua care packages.

7.  Really give yoga a try.

8.  Pray for Ioua everyday – like a real prayer on my knees.

9.  Work on family history

10.  Help Ioua finish our family project

11.  Buy my camera

12.  Photoshoots

13.  Read one book a month

14.  Start learning Tagalog

15.  Stick to our budget

Do any of you have any stupendous goals you are setting for yourself?  It can be large or small!

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