One HUGE Holiday Dump

I’m going to warn you here and now that this post will be LONG with lots of photos.  I need to document all of the fun we had though so bare with me. Christmas is one of my top holidays (as with everyone else) and I have to make sure it is recorded! We started our holiday in California at Ioua’s parents.  It was so wonderful!  We were worried we wouldn’t be able to go, but in the end I was able to get the time off and I am so glad I did!  Ioua’s family is great – couldn’t have asked for greater in-laws!

The night we got there we decided to do a session at the Redlands Temple with Ioua’s parents.  It was beautiful and so much fun!  I love that temple so much.  The comfort and happiness I feel when I am there makes the world seem pretty dang good!


We did A LOT of shopping while we were there at the Desert Hills outlets.  Nothing beats them – I think I went 3 times!  We ate at Ruby’s out by the outlets and I got my banana shake, and we also got to eat at The Haven in Banning!  So good!  And the cupcakes are the best I have ever had in my entire life! For reals!

Best CupcakeThis one was chocolate mint.  I went back later in the week and got the chocolate peanut butter (with peanut butter cream cheese frosting) so BOMB.  I probably gained 5 pounds on this trip and I’m not even mad!

I got to visit with my family a lot and was there when my niece got her first ‘layered’ hair cut! She is so beautiful.  After it was styled she look in the mirror and got the biggest smile – and I think she kept that smile all day!

New Hair Cut

When we go to California we always have to go up to Westbrook’s house.  Sister Westbrook is like my second mom and I try and get up there to visit when I am down.  Whenever we are there she busts out her favorite game … Power Scrabble.  I am NOT good at this game and anyone who knows me (or my dad) knows that we cheat.  He always told me to cheat a little in card games or board games – I think it makes it fun!  I always admit to it and I rarely win even when I do cheat.  Eventually I got fed up with Scrabble and I started to invent words …

Speed ScrableOne of the best things about my in-laws house is the food.  I wasn’t kidding when I said 5 pounds.  This was our lunch on Christmas day and it was FABULOUS!  One day if I can cook half as good as my mother in law I will be in good shape!

Christmas food Christmas Food 2Mmmmm Filipino food.  Korean BBQ.  SSSOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD!

We had a wonderful week in California and I of course did not take enough pictures!  Skyping with Josh was a highlight and he will literally be home in like a week or something!  Friday night Ioua and I drove all night so that we could spend a day with my parents before heading home.  Such a great trip!

When I got home I had two presents waiting for me in the mail.  I always send links of things that I want and then he kind of has an idea of what to get me.  I was so excited to open the pretty box and see my new snitch necklace!!!!

Harry Potter Snitch NecklaceAnd Beavis and Butt-head.  One of my roommates sent this gem to me.  We used to stay up late talking (like all good roommates do) and when we would get slap happy I would pull the back of my shirt over my head and start doing the Beavis and Butt-head laugh.  That is a secret talent that I have.

Surprise Present 2So that was our Christmas.  Our wonderful, magical, stupendous Christmas.

Now on to New Years!

I have said on here before that I wish I was as cool as Martha Stewart.  Well, my ideas never come off quite as well, but I LOVE planning parties!  One of my favorite movies for this time of year is The Holiday!  And I have always wanted to have a classy new years eve party where everyone dresses up and we dance and have so much fun eating appetizers and pretending we are fancy!  I desperately wanted to do that this year as well, but by the time I got home from work and got everything ready it was lucky I was wearing real pants.  If I’m being honest.

Janweb and Emily are such good sports and let me just be crazy … and they don’t even make fun of me for it!  It’s a win win.  I went to the store and pretty much just blew what was left of my Christmas money on food and decor.  And you know what?  It was worth it, every penny.

Happy New Year Happy New YearI’m pretty sad that my awful iPhone pictures don’t do it justice.  It was cute in person – I promise.  The oranges were for a Filipino tradition.  It is kind of fun getting to do those with Ioua.

White LightsIt was a lot of fun decorating.  Ioua strung the lights for me.  I really think twinkle lights should be up all year.  They are just so magical!

White Lights Pop 2

And then you have the awkward photos I tried to have Ioua take of me popping poppers.  I kept hurting my fingers and shooting myself in the face.  It was fun.


This is kind of a view of the whole room once we turned the TV on to watch the ball drop.  Last year at this time I was sleeping on Ioua’s arm.  It was pretty ridiculous.  This year I put my big girl panties on and stayed up the whole time!


Aren’t we just the cutest?  My brother thought Ioua looked like the bad guy from 300 … kinda true.

Kiss Crazy in Love

I started a tradition this year for our little family that we would write our resolutions on tags and tie them to a helium balloon.  When the clock strikes 12 we let them drift in to the night sky.  It was really fun and I think Janweb and Emily liked doing it too.  I kept wondering where the balloon would land and who would see my resolutions.  Creepy I think.

Resoolutions Fancy Green Glass

This is us trying to recreate the picture from the year before when I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the picture.  We failed.  Memories.

Repeat Love

I made them kneel with me so that we would be able to see the silly sign I made in the background.  I just liked how funky it looked!  It is kind of a representation of me in a way … (dramatic much?)  And it may or may not still be up right now.

Sisters IouaHappy New Year!!!!

2 thoughts on “One HUGE Holiday Dump

  1. You are the cutest!!! I love this! I would have put on something fancy and danced with you! I was laughing so hard thinking about your Beavus and Butt-head laugh! I miss those days (sometimes) but I miss you and Mel all the time! Great job on the decorations, you are much cooler than Martha Stewart!!

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