Not A Bad Day For A Monday

I had a goal to wake up at 4:45 this morning.  I have a goal to wake up at 4:45 every week day from now until December.  Despite the fact that I failed today, I am feeling pretty good about life! Tomorrow I have to though because tomorrow is an early work out day.  Did I tell you I signed up for a RAGNAR.  Did I tell you I have been going to spin class?!  Yup, that’s me.

I have some goals I want to accomplish for February.  One of which is to stick to my no soda diet I started for 2014.  One month strong! Another goal is to appreciate the little things in my life.  Little blessings that keep me going every day!

Ioua’s brother Josh is home from his mission! We still live far away and so we had to Skype him. That’s okay though – it is always super funny talking to missionaries who just got home.  They never know what to do with themselves!  In this picture Josh is still wearing his shirt, tie, and tag!  So funny! This kid cracks me up! And don’t even mention girls! Oh sweet awkwardness … I remember when Ioua was going through that faze …


We have received some great blessings lately!  I am super excited for our future together. I was thinking this weekend that I was so blessed to have the life that I do. I can’t believe I complain as much as I do.  I’m trying to be better though.  In more ways then one. I saw this hilarious thing on Pinterest. It was a woman describing how she had her whole life organized (with a twist at the end). I found myself doing exactly what she said and got myself on Google calendar and mapped out my life. Starting today I have my life scheduled. Just the bare bones and super necessary stuff. Hence the waking up at 4:45 AM. Here’s to hoping it works. I hope I can stick to it though because if I do I know I will be a whole lot less stressed!

This post feels like a whole lot of nothin. Sometimes you just have to post about whatever pops into your head though. Here’s to February!

3 thoughts on “Not A Bad Day For A Monday

  1. 4:45AM is scary but definitely doable. I remember when I was doing PT with the ROTC. I woke up at 4AM every morning and worked out. Then I would go through the school day, come home and do homework, and do the “dating” thing when I was single.Regardless to say, I had more energy and felt better about myself. You can do it! Just have Ioua give you a reward.

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