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body book

Everyone I have told so far has totally judged me for reading this, but The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is seriously changing the way I see my life and my body. I am a little less then half way through right now, and I am not kidding – so great! I’ll do a real review when I am finished, but here are a few things I love so far.

Food gives her emotional nourishment. She cooks with friends and family all the time.  She cooks to connect with people.  Which is kind of the opposite of ‘eating your feelings’.

“Calories aren’t a measure of how “fattening” a food is, they’re a measure of how much energy is packed into that food.”

Am I the only one who has never thought of calories this way? She talks about when and how calories were discovered and how they have been so demonized.  At the start of this year I started calorie counting. I used the My Fitness Pal app and it said if I wanted to loose weight I would have to limit myself to 1200 calories a day.  1200!!! What was I thinking that I thought starving myself was okay?  That wasn’t my intention!

I was getting headaches and ended up feeling dizzy pretty often.  And to top it all off I gained weight. Calories are NOT the enemy! And limiting yourself on the calories you need will really hurt you. The Body Book goes into great detail about what your body needs (Including fats and carbs so all of you people on non-fat or no-carb diets knock it off!)

This book isn’t a weight loss plan.  It isn’t about finding a way to quickly lose weight. It has great information on how your body works and what you need to do to keep it running at its healthiest.

Like I said, I’ll write a full review when I am finished.  But so far I am loving this book.

One thought on “The Body Book

  1. love it!!! we have been watching calories, but we eat 1500 to 1800 a day!!! and we set a thing in our goal where if we are hungry we eat!! we try to make healthy decisions, but we try to listen to what our bodies need. love your thoughts! can’t wait for your book review! 🙂

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