Stagnant :: Getting My Joy Back

Lately I have felt very stagnant.

Like I need to start actually doing the things that I love instead of watching TV everyday when I get home.  I want to create more. I love crafting and I want to actually attempt some of the things I have pinned to Pinterest!

I also want to improve in my photography. Taking photographs really is something that I love and I know I still have a lot to learn.

I need to get out and move more! I need to not let pregnancy keep me from being healthy (as far as exercise goes) so I am going to try and make it to the gym a couple of times a week.

The biggest area I want to improve in is spiritually. Ioua and I are still in nursery so if I want to learn and feel the spirit during the week I better take care of that myself. Ioua and I really want to get started on family history.  A lot of mine is already completed, but Ioua has almost nothing on his.

So in order to accomplish these things here are some more concrete goals:

1.  Try one DIY a week

2.  Learn two new photography techniques a month and practice them

3.  Make it to the gym at least twice a week and do something active with Ioua another day

4.  Read scriptures every morning for 20 mins

5.  Do one hour of family history every Sunday.

I am really excited about these so lets hope I can do them for the whole month of May! Are there any goals any of you are working on this month? Spring is a great time to make some changes!

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