14 Weeks

20140602-100826-36506460.jpgI know, I know, this is a super attractive picture. It perfectly sums up my weekend though. Sleep, sleep, can’t get enough sleep! This was taken after we came back from the grocery store. I don’t know why but shopping just wipes me out! I’m afraid I’m not a lot of fun right now. We did manage to go roast dogs and s’mores in the canyon with Janweb and Emily! So that was fun …

20140602-101944-37184738.jpg 20140602-101940-37180476.jpg 20140602-101938-37178777.jpg20140602-101937-37177236.jpg

Oh! And I got bangs! I think I love them. My cousin Krista cut them for me, and then when I left she said, “Hey – do you need a car seat and a stroller?” Why, yes! Yes I do! So now that’s one big thing off of the list. Family is the best!20140602-101942-37182388.jpg 20140602-101942-37182926.jpg 20140602-101942-37182698.jpgI think I was a little too excited about my head lamp … it’s pretty rad though! We got it for our family reunion this month in Idaho! Yay for camping!!

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