Summer, Glorious Summer

20140609-134507-49507530.jpgYesterday I spent my lunch break on a blanket in the park. It was perfection! On Saturday we went to the Provo Rec Center outdoor pool and had a blast with Christine and her family. Those kids crack me up! I LOVE summer. It feels like your body and mind are starting to come alive again. Lately I have had an obsession with water melon. I want to make every kind of drink I can! Especially lemonade – I haven’t tried water melon lemonade yet, but I have a feeling it will be a game changer. And maybe it would take my mind off of the itchy sunburn I got from the pool ..

Ioua took the LSAT yesterday!!! I am so proud of him and how hard he works! I really was so lucky I was able to trick him into marrying me … he is better in every way. Also, he takes such good care of me while I am prego. We have a family reunion coming up in Idaho! We are camping … we have an air bed though so it isn’t real camping, but I don’t think my pregnant back could handle sleeping on the ground. It should be so much fun!! I can wait to take Ioua to Yellowstone since he hasn’t ever been before! Hope we see a buffalo! Our last family reunion Ioua and I weren’t married yet and I got the stomach flu my first day there and ended up barfing the whole week – here’s to that NEVER happening again.  I don’t think I could take getting the stomach flu while pregnant. (Knock on wood)

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