18 Weeks!!!

20140703-084920-31760678.jpgI am 18 weeks people!!! I guess I’m not huge yet since everyone keeps saying I look tiny, but I feel huge! Also, I have started to feel the baby move! It isn’t all the time and at first it was like little tickles. Now it kind of feels like a small fish is inside my tummy! I had a check up a couple of days a go and got to listen to the heart beat – it was magical. I can not wait until this baby gets here! Well, sometimes I get freaked out about the prospect of being responsible for someone’s life, but I am still excited!

I have held out on buying maternity clothes so far. I mostly wear skirts and if I have to wear pants it is always with my belly band. I think I might have to get some soon though. There are a lot of cute things out there, but they are so expensive. You only get to wear this stuff for like 4-5 months! Its such a racket. And now for an update (totally stolen from Kelli’s blog).

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Weight Gain: Like 6 pounds or something

Maternity Clothes: Nope

Sleep: Sleep sucks, last night I went to bed at 8:30 because I was so exhausted. The problem though, is that there is no comfy position – even with the body pillow. Also you have to pee so much. I never used to wake up in the night to pee. I am always SO tired at work and I know its only going to get worse!

Best Moment This Week: Feeling the baby move!

Weird Pregnancy Moment: Feeling the baby move! Ha! Like I said its like a little fish, it was almost making me sick!

Movement: A little bit!

Food Cravings: Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom with no tomatoes add cheese and cucumbers

What I’m Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender in TWO WEEKS!!!!

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