Life is a bit in Limbo right now, and it has been for a while. I have come to realize that while this can be pretty darn stressful, it is also a very special time. These are the last few precious months that Ioua and I will just be Ioua and I. I love being married to him – definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. He does so much for me and I know I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else!

Sometimes I get sick of our green 90’s carpet, our lack of dishwasher, and our closet light that never turns on when you need to get dressed. I can’t wait till that illusive ‘one day’ when we have a real bath tub, and maybe a second bedroom.

I sit at home and feel my daughter swimming around in my belly. It’s like a promise of so much fun and happiness, but with an anxious heart at whether I will be able to make it as a mom. I want to be a good mom, a fun mom, but I want my children to be respectful and kind. How do you figure that out?

We are trying to figure out law school and where our future will go with that. We aren’t really sure what our future holds and at the beginning of the summer that really REALLY scared me, but now I feel different. No matter what happens we have the Lord on our side. No matter what happens we have each other. We will figure it out. Our path might not be what we originally planned, but we will be happy. You can’t not be happy if you are following the Lord and his path for you.

I sit here tonight with a grateful heart. Knowing that I have more blessings than I can count. Life is in Limbo, and I have a feeling that doesn’t go away with time, and I am really truly happy.


Oh yeah and then that one time we went to San Fran and had the best weekend ever … that post is coming soon.

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