Movie in the Park

Yesterday we went to the movie in the park. Ioua had been wanting to go all summer, but the problem is that it is on Monday nights. I have been so tired with this pregnancy I didn’t think I would make it. I realized though that me just always sitting at home every night isn’t healthy – and it probably drives Ioua nuts! So to the park we went. Mosquito repellant and all.

IMG_4614 IMG_4610

The movie they played was Lego Movie. It was pretty cute, but about 5 minutes in I need to lay on my side so the glasses came off. I am pretty blind with out them so I just closed my eyes and listened … and then fell asleep. Eventually Ioua woke me up and took me home.  Poor guy, at least I tried right?IMG_4611 IMG_4613 IMG_4612IMG_4601Oh … and I will now be going by the name Rick.

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