24 Weeks :: No Sleep and Nesting

IMG_4632Not a very good bump picture … I need to work on standing to the side more I guess! This girl has been moving so much this week! The other day she woke  me up at 4 am just kicking away with no sign of stopping.  Hopefully she figures out her days and nights before she comes!

I am in a major nesting state right now.  It is actually really stressing me out. Chances of us finding a two bedroom before she comes are slim so we are going to have to just figure it out. We are planning to rearrange anything we can and try and come up with some clever space saving solutions … IKEA here we come.

If anyone has any ideas PLEASE help a sister out. We cant paint or actually alter anything in the apartment so I don’t know how to make it functional and stylish all at the same time. I need an interior design fairy god mother (who could not only work for free, but find everything we need for next to nothing – aka FREE)

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