To – Do Lists

To do lists, or just any list.  I know I can not be the only lady out there with lists flying around in her head all of the time. My lists aren’t just lists either. For example; we are rearranging our house right now trying to fit the baby. This means the TV has to go against another wall, which means the pictures on said wall have to be moved to the ‘kitchen’ above the table. Not only is this on my to do list, but as part of that to do list I have to memorize the way I want them laid out on the wall.  And if I don’t the world will end.

Sometimes I envy guys, and how they do that box thing. You know, the one people say where they actually only think about one thing at a time. And they even have a NOTHING box, where they can think about absolutely nothing.  I think women would pay good money for that. Imagine, just pay five dollars for 20 minutes of NOTHING. Of course then there would be no one to accomplish anything … I kid, I kid … mostly.

To make everything in my head even crazier I am about to have a baby. Which means the number of lists and to – do’s will triple and times by five. I seriously don’t know how everyone does it! Especially my sister who has 7 kids! I vow that if I ever find out the secret to having a clearer, less chaotic mind I will pass it along ASAP!!!! Until then, I guess I’ll just sit on the couch and watch Steal Magnolias. My to – do list can wait till tomorrow ..

2 thoughts on “To – Do Lists

  1. Oh girl I know exactly what you mean, I have so many to do lists with just 5 weeks (hopefully less) to go! Just gotta tackle one thing at a time! You can do it! Don’t worry, it seems like towards the end you find your steam and somehow get things done out of excitement

  2. For future reference (and I wish I had known this earlier to tell you!) Kneaders sells their desserts for 50% off after 8pm. Always a good deal!

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