This Man of Mine

Today’s post is dedicated to my mister. May I ever be grateful for the wonderful man I married. This week Ioua turned 25. This is the story about how I gave him the worst birthday ever, but it’s okay because he loves me anyway.

All day long I thought about my list for when I got home. Some how I got it into my head that Ioua would not have a happy birthday at all unless I cleaned the bathroom and the entire apartment. Like deep cleaned. On my way home from work I stopped at Target for a couple of ‘quick’ things, but we all know Target is a black hole of things you never knew you needed. 40 minutes later I headed home. When I got home I still had 2 hours before Ioua was supposed to be home so I sped through scrubbing the bathroom. (Except that I decided to soak the tub in vinegar and blue dawn dish soap – which really works by the way!) I let the tub soak while I through up some lime green streamers (that I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of, because they were just ugly) and tried to blow up some balloons. Pregnancy makes things hard that you never would have suspected! By my third balloon I was out of breath with a tummy ache so … I taped them to the wall with the streamers because having 3 balloons bouncing around on the ground clearly would mess everything up at this point.

By now I needed to get in the shower which meant I had to scrub the tub. I sent a text to Ioua right before I got in asking him to PLEASE call before he left work so I could be sure to have dinner ready. I took the fastest shower of my life! (5 minutes) And then I heard my phone ringing. “Uh, I’m already coming up our street.” Apparently he got off early.

So in he walks to a wife who has tears streaming down her face and sink full of dishes. And NO DINNER. At this point my back hurt so badly from scrubbing the bathroom that I had to ask him to do the dishes. HE DID THE DISHES ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY PEOPLE! I am awful, I know. So I made our dinner and we sat and ate it and talked about birthday stuff, and then I realized I had completely forgotten to make a cake. Or any kind of treat. But I’m sure he’s glad I cleaned the bathroom …

So I apologized, and cried, and we drove around looking for a treat. It was almost 8 o’clock at this point so when we stopped at a bakery the only thing left were some sad cinnamon rolls. Which we didn’t even eat because we were too tired. I am really good at life right now. Happy birthday Ioua.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

This is a picture of him doing the dishes. Poor guy.

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