Due Date :: Come and Gone


Well, it’s passed. My due date has come and gone. (It was yesterday).  I know you aren’t supposed to put any faith in having your baby on a certain day – especially if it’s your first. I couldn’t help myself.  Poor Ioua had no idea what was waiting for him when he got home last night.  I think I made it maybe 5 minutes before breaking down into tears. I had started making chicken and all I could think about was how I wanted a big hamburger from Red Robin. I cried for like a good 20 minutes. I wanted something I couldn’t have. But it was really the fact that I just want to meet my little girl so badly!  I know I should just be happy that I am going to be a parent and be grateful, but I REALLY can’t wait to look into her eyes. To hold something fresh from Heavenly Father. To start our life as a family of 3.

Ioua made me feel a lot better, he always does. And its okay. I will get to hold my daughter when the time is right. And love her and snuggle her and kiss her ‘hopefully’ chubby cheeks! Come on sweet little baby, Daddy and I are ready to meet you!

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