Baby Hermione

Well, we did it! We had our sweet little girl last week and it has been so crazy ever since! I’m not sure why I keep expecting her to sleep through the night. She’s only a week old and I haven’t really had an opportunity to try and get her on any kind of a schedule. I’ve just been trying to let my body recover!

I don’t think I have ever been so happy! God knew what he was doing when he sent me this little angel. When my hormones freak out and I cry and cry she just lays in my arms and looks up at me with her sweet eyes. It’s like she’s saying, come on mom! I’m here, its okay! She is the most beautiful baby I think I’ve ever seen.  I know I don’t seem like a reliable source since she is mine, but seriously! Also, all of the nurses in the nursery said she was the cutest one!


I mean, just look at that face! Also, Ioua being a dad. Most wonderful thing I think I’ve ever seen! He is such a natural and she LOVES him! He is always so concerned about her and looks forward to seeing her all day! (Even though he basically sees her all night since she doesn’t sleep!) It melts my heart every time he holds her.


And now lots of pictures because, obviously …





She is the tiniest! Doesn’t that bink look huge in her mouth!?

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