Being a Mom is Hard Work

Being a mom is hard, really hard. I love my baby so much and I know without a doubt it is all worth it. I guess I just didn’t expect it to be so hard. I see my siblings and how great they are with their kids,. I read the blog posts that talk about how magical it is – and it is – but it’s hard. When they placed Hermione on my chest I knew that she was MINE. I knew that I loved her so much, as soon as I touched her little hand I was a goner. I’m not really one to cry about things like that, but I was sobbing. My heart is so full with her in my life. I didn’t know then that when you come home the real work begins. Or, I didn’t know what real work was.

Breastfeeding is hard awful. I am calling B.S. on every blog post I have ever read that says it is some wonderful thing. I didn’t know boobs could hurt this badly. Also, the guilt and shame of not doing it right, or the right amount/correct timing/long enough. Who decided that to be a good mom you have to be good at breastfeeding?! I’m doing it because I love my baby and I know it will give her a great start, but if I decided to bottle feed I would NOT be any less of a mom.

Sleeping is also hard, although I can’t complain too much because she has at least started to figure out her days and nights. My recommendation to any new or soon to be moms is to not read any books. It will only stress you out when you can’t seem to get your baby to follow the schedule the book has outlined. In one book i read it said that if your baby doesn’t sleep for four hours at a time they will get ADD or have other issues. Are you kidding?!! Anyway, maybe books are useful later on. But NOT for a brand new mom. Just my opinion.

I think I am starting to get the hang of things, and hopefully Hermione is used to me. Or we are used to each other. Or something. I still have hard times in my day though. Like today she took one very short morning nap (do to a HUGE blow out) and hasn’t really slept since. She is kind of sleeping in her rocker right now (not well though) and even if she does it is super late in the day. I’m worried now that she won’t sleep tonight.

No sleep makes me a grouch. And she’s awake …

3 thoughts on “Being a Mom is Hard Work

  1. Hang in there girly!!! I totally get the breast feeding thing, it was miserable for me! Don’t feel bad at all if you choose to bottle feed, I did with two kids and I’ll tell ya what, they are completely normal 🙂 and I was a lot more sane for doing it! Either way your little girl is blessed to have you as her momma!

  2. Being a Mom was a big shock to me too! For the first 3 months I either showered or did the dishes, but was incapable of doing both the same day. I also didn’t do my hair on the day I showered. Who knew that something so small would be so tiring!

    I told you I hated Baby Wise and the reason is because it is unrealistic. And, to achieve the “schedule” requires starving your baby. So, you are right: IGNORE the books and just talk to your pediatrician, they know best! It is VERY normal for babies to eat every 2-3 hours for the first few months.

    The best advice someone gave me about breastfeeding was this: it is horrible, but if you can survive/endure the first 2-3 weeks, you’ll be set to nurse for however long you want. It was 3 weeks exactly before nursing worked for us. I ended up nursing Doran until 13 months and didn’t notice the “bond” until we stopped. No shame in supplementing if your baby needs milk!

    Good luck, you got this!

  3. Hang in there! It gets easier as time goes, but also brings different challenges to the table. If you ever need someone to come hold her so you can lay down, I am more than happy to!

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