Hermione :: A Birth Story (as told by Dad)

As Told By DadThe induction was scheduled at 7:00 AM that day. We got up at the crack of dawn, and probably even earlier than that because we were just too excited and too nervous all at the same time. We didn’t know how labor would go or if induction would even work (or at least I didn’t), but one thing we did know was that we would be welcoming our daughter into this world and, more importantly, into our family that day.

A couple of weeks or days before this, we had already started preparing everything that we would need at the hospital. We just had to make sure that everything was ready for that day. The diaper bag had to be stuff with everything that the baby might need. And of course, Glenna put herself in charge over that job. She just had to make sure that she packed the baby’s first outfit. It had to be the right one, but most importantly, it had to be the cutest one. Now to her credit, she did pack diapers and baby wipes and everything else essential.

We, also, had another bag full of our clothes for the overnight stays that we expected to be doing at the hospital. Along with the laptop, the clothes, the straightener, and the make-up, something very essential had to be shoved in with all of it: Dad’s snacks. Yup, definitely something essential. Anyway, I tell you all of this because I think sometimes giving birth is as tough for the husband as it is for the wife. I ended up with a backpack on my back, a diaper bag on my right shoulder, and another bag being held by my left arm. Poor soon-to-be dad right?! I’m only kidding of course. Of course, I’m kidding! I watched my wife through all of her pregnancy struggle (not with morning sickness which was a miracle in itself) but with back pain and occasionally waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. It was was for her a horrible but worthwhile sacrifice. I am so grateful for my wife Glenna and so amazed at how much she can bear and the strength that she has. She is an amazing woman!

Going back to the story… after she was induced, sometime around 9:30 AM, we basically had to wait. Glenna laid on her hospital bed the whole day, while I stayed in the room in my corner watching Netflix. We tried to watch episodes of Downton Abbey, that we rented from the Provo library, but we were just too anxious and too tired by that time.

Occasionally, I would fetch for some of Glenna’s approved snacks, which was nothing more than popsicles and apple juice. I didn’t even touch the snacks we brought… the hospital food was shockingly really good. Although, apparently, for some reason breakfast, lunch and dinner were only served for one hour each. The cafeteria door closed after that, but if you somehow managed to get there within that hour, you were in hospital food heaven. So I can forgive them for that. And while Glenna took a nap, I read scriptures, watched a couple episodes of my novela and played a couple of video game apps. We saw the sun go up and saw the light fade away into the dark. Then, everything happened.

I’m glad that Glenna had the chance to relax and take a nap before everything happened. From what I took from the situation, the epidural helped a lot during her labor. She barely felt anything. But when the moment was finally there, when she had to finally push and give it all that she had, I held her hand tightly for a moment, while with the other hand held her leg to help while she pushed. I probably said multiple silent prayers at this phase.

My mother-in-law Dixie and Glenna’s two sisters, Jenny and Christine, were all in the room. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind that they were sticking around for the “show”. It was actually really helpful, as it helped me to calm down. BEING AT THE HOSPITAL WITH YOUR WIFE SO THAT SHE CAN GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR FIRST CHILD IS VERY OVERWHELMING… both for the soon-to-be mom and dad. Jenny was very helpful during the whole thing, encouraging and cheering Glenna on during the pushes. Then I realized that “OH, I probably should be cheering on too… that’s what all the books and hospital pamphlets say to do”. So I started cheering and yelling out, “GO GLENNA! YOU CAN DO IT!” and “ONE MORE PUSH!”

Borrowed from http://www.lds.org

That night, I felt the presence of the Atonement of Christ–it’s enabling and strengthening power. This enabling and strengthening aspect of the Atonement helps us to do things in ways that we could never do or accomplish with our limited mortal and physical capacities. And it’s constantly there, ready to be given to us during times of trial and need. My wife was indeed blessed through the enabling power of the Atonement to do physically what in her own power she would not be able to do. The Atonement helped her realize the birth of our daughter. With every push, the Lord gave her extra strength. And in between contractions, the Lord helped her regain energy for the next contraction. I felt His helping presence; and I’m positive she did too.

IMG_5039Then as the doctor laid our daughter on Glenna’s chest for the first time, we sobbed, and couldn’t stop sobbing. It’s as if everyone else in the room had vanished. For a brief minute in time, it was just the three of us bonding together for the first time ever as we cherished that small moment. Holding Hermione for the first time was another beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. I fell in love again. We fell in love again. That night was full of beautiful and timeless moments.


After about an hour of skin-to-skin between our daughter and my wife, we headed down from the delivery room to the room in which we would be staying in during our stay at the hospital. That’s when the nurses from the nursery came to take the baby so that she could have her first bath. I came along and took pictures for Glenna. I, also, came along because I felt a little overprotective like a lion protecting his cub. She cried during the whole bath. I was getting mad at the nurse. “STOP MAKING HER CRY”, I said in my mind and probably had an angry look on my face. But then she said that we had the cutest baby in the whole nursery room. That nurse sure did rescue herself then. She also took her first prints. I never thought I’d see my daughter get her prints like her dad did. (You’ll just have to wait for that story later…)

  IMAG1180 IMAG1174 IMAG1161 IMAG1193

Hermione Arielle Florsefina Lagazo was born on December 11th, 2014 at 10:56 PM — a moment in time that we will always remember because she stole our hearts forever.


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