Motherhood Mondays :: 1

So today we ‘started’ sleep training. Only, she woke up at 4 AM bright and happy and ready to take on the world and that really kind of messed everything up .. I am worse than a monster or a zombie when I am tired. Poor Ioua. I’m going to keep trying today and we’ll see how it goes this week. Hermione has always been a great sleeper, as in she learned very quickly how to sleep through the night. Naps are the problem, and bed time. Ioua and I would love to have some adult time where we can have conversations other than poop, pee, and bottles.

I bottle feed Hermione. When she was still in my tummy I thought there was no way that I would ever bottle feed, but things sure do change when they come out of your belly. Pain. Pain. Pain. Thats how I would describe it. I dreaded her waking up and I couldn’t even really hold her it hurt so bad (and my emotions were not what they should have been). I wasn’t being a good mom. Bottle feeding was like this bright hope. It let me enjoy being a mother. I think I still want to at least try breastfeeding when I have my next child, but I’m glad I allowed myself to bottle feed. Hermione went from the 15th percentile for weight to the 57th. She is happy and healthy and I know I made the right decision. Sure I still feel bad sometimes when people tell me I’ve done the wrong thing. It hurts my feelings. But I am Hermione’s mom and I know what’s best for her and for us. To all you moms out there struggling to do something because it is ‘the way it should be done’ don’t worry. Do what you know is right. I did, and I am so happy I followed my intuition.



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