Sweet Little Turtle Head

Yesterday was Sunday – I look forward to Sunday all week because of the chance to see other grown ups, but most importantly from the spirit I feel and the lessons I learn at church. There is however one thing that I hate about Sundays. Sundays mess up nap time. Period. The end.

Yesterday at about 9 pm while I wrestled Hermione in her room trying to get her to sleep the sweetest moment happened. As we rocked in her IKEA chair she lifted her head and smiled at me, her head bobbing up and down in the most peculiar way. She was illuminated by her night light and I couldn’t finish singing her bed time song. I just started cracking up, pleased with herself her smile got bigger and in the mostly dark room it just looked strange – the most beautiful, strange, angelic turtle you ever saw. I knew bed time was a lost cause at that point. So I just held her for a while. Moments like this make being a mom the best job in the world.



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