How In The World Am I Supposed To Raise A Daughter In The Last Days?


Times are a little bit scary. My mom mentioned today who she thought would end up being the next President of the United States and that it made her sick. There are really terrible things that happen every day. There are a lot of corrupt people running the world, and I feel like I’m already falling behind with what is socially acceptable because to me it seems like a load of crap.

In case you couldn’t tell from my blog, I am a Mormon. We have some pretty strict standards that we adhere to that might seem kind of weird or intense to a lot of people. One thing that really REALLY worries me about my daughter’s future is pornography. And the really terrifying thing is that it’s everywhere. I’m not talking about porn magazines or even porn websites (that’s another post for another day), I mean literally everywhere. Regular magazines, billboards, TV, movies, school and pretty much anywhere you turn. I am so sick of the ‘role models’ of our generation. Even Taylor Swift is inching towards the boundary of what is appropriate … actually, I truly think she’s passed it. Nothing she wears I would EVER let H get away with wearing and when I have boys I don’t want them to have to see it. Yeah, yeah, feminism and all of that garbage that says that women shouldn’t have to dress a certain way because of men. I agree with you, we all have our free agency and we can choose to dress however we want, but that doesn’t make it right.

I am terrified at how easily the world can have access to a person and what damage that can cause. Predators lurk around every corner of the internet and I feel a real drive to protect my daughter/children from that. I think the worst thing this has caused is a ‘new normal’ where children think that its okay to have sex before they even know themselves, before they are married, and especially before they really even know what sex means.

So how do you raise a daughter in ‘the last days’ when wickedness runs rampant? Honestly I don’t know, my daughter is only 6 months old and I fear everyday that she is already learning bad habits from me. Here are some points, though, that I have really been thinking about. If anyone has any input please feel free to add them in the comments section.

1. Raise her on the Book of Mormon and the word of God. The Book of Mormon is the cornerstone of our religion, it is a fountain of knowledge on how Heavenly Father would have us live our lives. There is no way that we will succeed in raising children who love the Lord if we don’t feed them with the scriptures everyday.

2. Teach her to follow the prophet. This is something I am so glad my parents taught me growing up. It comes down to two things; having a testimony, and obedience.

3.  Keep the Sabbath Day holy. Really truly turning to Christ on the Sabbath and trying to do all you can to feel his spirit. With all of the crap in the world today, trust me when I say we need it.

4. For The Strength Of Youth. This is an inspired document. Modesty in dress and behavior, hard work, education, repentance and all the other sections outlined are there for a recourse. We need these as well as our children and when they see us living this way happily they will see our testimony through our actions.

5. Teach her that when things are hard we never quit – we turn to the Lord and he will direct our paths.

6.  Charity, the pure love of Christ.

Every single one of these I need to work on in my own life, but that’s the beauty of our time on earth. We are to act and not be acted upon. We have the capacity to raise our children correctly as long as we get on our knees everyday and ask the Lord for guidance. There is no obstacle on earth that we cannot overcome. There is nothing Satan can throw at us that we won’t be able to handle. With the Savior as our guide we can get through it. There will be tough times, REALLY tough hard times that make you want to scream or give up, but don’t.

“Gird up your loins, fresh courage take, all is well, all is well”

Even though it seems pretty scary, don’t lose hope!

2 thoughts on “How In The World Am I Supposed To Raise A Daughter In The Last Days?

  1. Love your suggestions! I definitely agree that reading the Book of Mormon and following the prophets are key. They teach us to turn to the Lord in all things.

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