Mom’s Poncho

My mom got this poncho on her 16th birthday. It is so rad! She gave it to me when I was in high school but I was always too scared to wear it, afraid I might mess it up. I LOVE IT. Don’t mind my awkward poses. Now I just need to go on a fun date somewhere where I can show it off … hint hint hubby…

Ponch 2Poncho 1Poncho 3Poncho 4

I know I’m so cool.

Ioua started back to school today and I’m pretty bummed he isn’t here, but it has been nice to get back to a real schedule. The house is clean and I even have dinner in the crock pot, like a boss.

Hermione is growing up too flipping fast. I feel like she is already turning into a teenager! Last week we went to the pediatrician and she said, “If she hasn’t started already she will probably start throwing fits soon.” And like clock work Hermione now throws fits. She is still the sweetest, but oh my! I need advice on how NOT to raise my voice all day long. My neighbors probably think I’m nuts.

I have been trying to teach her body parts and such and yesterday when we were learning nose I held her and gave her a few eskimo kisses and I kid you not I did it like 3 times and she fell instantly to sleep, like snoring. It was the sweetest thing and my heart just melted.

Basically life is pretty rad right now – minus the 1 degree weather we are having in Milwaukee. It just makes you want to cry, so I don’t like to think about it.

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