I’ve Got Blood On My Shoulder

I’ve got blood on my shoulder. The sleeve of my white shirt. Probably some boogers as well. My to do list seems to have come out of no where since yesterday when it seemed like I had my life together. My daughter wouldn’t eat her lunch so now she is in bed and I have cooked carrots on my floor, my pants, and in my hair. I am typing this sitting next to the work out clothes I laid out last night in the hopes that would motivate me to exercise and all I want to do is eat the symphony bar sitting on my kitchen table. Not even piece by piece, just like take a huge bite out of it.

Hows that for a rant?

I tried to get Hermione to give me eskimo kisses today and she just screamed and wriggled to get out of my arms. But I still love her. Its kind of crazy how obsessed I am with her. But I want to be cute, and not have carrots in my hair.

Today we go to mutual. Both of us are called to serve in the youth programs at our church and Wednesday night we both go, with Hermione, and get er done. The youth are so much fun, but I often feel pretty useless since I basically chase Hermione around the whole time. Same thing on Sunday.

So I’m going to put on some real pants, possible some mascara (if I wash yesterday’s off) and make myself feel like I have some control. Wish me luck.

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