Finally Getting H Out Of The House

Man, winter is hard with a toddler. Especially since I only get the car on Monday’s. Yesterday we finally got to go on an outing and it was the best!!! We started the day at Target to get a couple of things and man I just want to say whoever invented Gummies I am forever indebted to you.


After that we were headed to Joann Fabrics (where I spent way too much on fabric) and on the way I spotted a Buy Buy Baby! So in we went and I was in heaven!!! Seriously, anything you never knew you wanted – and I few things I have been dying to have for forever!

The Bugaboo Donkey for example. Completely impractical seeing as I only have one child right now. Also, they are so expensive. But man oh man they are the holy grail of strollers.  I mean come on! Doesn’t she just look perfect in it! It was just as marvelous in person!

IMG_1836 2

Later that day I decided her hair was just too out of control and cut her bangs. I had to do it while she ate chicken nuggets so she would stay still. I think thats the straightest I have gotten them so far! haha

Sorry for the weird lighting. She is the cutest!!! Perhaps we will be brave and take a walk this week in the freezing cold … but probably not.

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