When A Day Is Just Great :: Mitchel Domes

Wednesday was a truly fabulous day! I had the car and I decided I was going to have some excitement for us no matter what! So I drug my friend to the Mitchel Domes with me here in Milwaukee. I had seen a lot about them on Instagram and knew I wanted to check them out while the train exhibit was still up. They were so awesome! And totally worth it since our kids were free!!!

Here is a little Vlog I made of our time there!

I’m a newbie at that so sorry about the background noise! Here are some pictures too! Absolutely loved it! The desert room though pulled at my heart strings a bit. Made me REALLY homesick.

The whole set up was so much fun. It would be a really great place to just let your kids run and get their wiggles out. Also, the room smelled so great with all of the flowers! It was good for the soul to be in some nature for a while. Even if it was just for a couple of hours.

Now I need to know about any other great places to take kids in Milwaukee!

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