Stickers and Strawberries

Hermione is OBSESSED with stickers. It is the only thing we can use to keep her quiet in church. For easter we gave her stickers instead of candy and I keep finding stickers on EVERYTHING. It’s okay, they aren’t super sticky so I’ll just be glad I’m not finding crayon on my walls.

She is just so cute!!! I mean really, I hope our future kids are just as cute! She thinks she is a big girl. She wants to feed herself and take off her own clothes. She loves putting her stuffies to sleep and giving them kisses goodnight. Hermione will love you forever if you rub her back. I ask her if she wants a back rub and she comes and lays on my lap and I tickle her back with my fingertips … she is her mother’s daughter I guess!

I gave her her first taste of strawberries this week and she devoured them in about 5 seconds. Since then she has eaten probably half of my Costco size container. She insists on eating them with a fork too. Weirdo.

We are having a lot of fun over here and we can’t wait for real spring to ┬ácome! Pretty please Wisconsin???