Wild Wild West

We just got back from a trip out west and I am missing my family dearly! We had a wild trip, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so glad I got to see so much of my family! Especially people that drove to my parents house! Hermione LOVED playing with her cousins and is quite deflated now that we are home and its just the two of us again.


Just before we boarded for Las Vegas – I was so  nervous about this flight that I didn’t sleep for two weeks before we left! Blessings from Heaven and we didn’t have anyone next to us!! Such a wonderful thing!


We rode the carousel downtown St George and it was pretty funny. Hermione was terrified when I went with her on a regular horse but loved sitting with Papa on the slay!


Baby’s in swimming costumes – yes I stole that from Brooklyn – I die every time. She would wear this all day err day if I could make her!


I swear my dad isn’t angry in this photo – I think he was trying to be funny??


Lindsay is the one who picked us up in Vegas and then she stayed for a few days at my parents. She is the best and I am soon grateful she made the trip! Herminator – as Lindsay calls her – loved getting to play with Lindsay!


One of the best parts of my trip was going to the temple with one of my very best friends! We need to start that as a tradition!!! Maybe try and make it to every temple before we die??


Another swimmy!


This, sadly, is the only picture I got of Hermione and her cousin Ila together – fail.


One thing we were able to do was go to the Manti Pageant in Manti, UT. After taking a wrong turn and driving us about 50 miles in the wrong direction my mom took over and we finally got there! My grandma was there which was so fun! She is such a sweet spirit and I love her dearly! We even got the cast members to sing her happy birthday since she was celebrating her 92!


And an awkward photo of me for posterity.


This is my favorite face of Hermione’s – perhaps that has something to do with her waking up at 3 am.


More cousins. She was obsessed!


We even got to see Kelli and Mason!!! I die over his cuteness – they better get married.


Best day of Hermione’s life.


Feeding the ducks with grandma – so close to falling in so many times…


Iowa’s family came to visit that last weekend and it was wonderful! We did a lot of fun things and they were such troopers about the 112 degree heat.


Ioua and I got food poisoning on our way home from Utah – it kicked in right before we got on the plane so that was a super wonderful day … and the flight was full.

Hermione would freak out every time I held her new cousin – like she did NOT like it. But I loved getting to snuggle the cuteness!


And another picture of babies and popsicles because there is nothing better.

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