Our Story

Hello Gloua

Once upon a time there was a girl named Glenna.  Glenna was only eleven years old, but she was SO boy crazy.  Later in her life she would be voted most likely to find a boy at girls camp … 3 times.

One day Glenna was sitting in primary Sunday school class catching up with her best friend Chelsa, when in walked THE MOST handsome boy she had seen in her life!  She immediately volunteered to take roll so she could both learn his name AND talk to him at the same time.

When Glenna finally got to boys name her heart sunk … how was she supposed to pronounce it? What if he got offended?  Her poor little heart couldn’t bare it.  She had to say something though … too much time had passed.  So she went for it.

Eye-oo-uh? EE-O-ah? Iowa?

Boy then glared at her.  Poor Glenna, her little red head self couldn’t help but blush.  And everyone knows once you blush you keep blushing until you look like a tomato.  At least everyone who is a red head knows.

Boy says his name is Ioua.  Glenna still can’t tell what his name is because boy mumbled.  Boy gets even madder.  Says his name is the one that starts with I.  Poor little Glenna just wants to die at this point. Eventually Ioua gets over it and they are friends.

Pretty soon summer is over and it’s the first day of school for Glenna and Ioua.  Ioua is at Glenna’s school! Glenna can’t handle her excitement.  She tells one of her friends that she thinks Ioua is dreamy! Friend tells Ioua.  Glenna is sooo distraught! How could friend do this?! How will she be able to face Ioua at church?!

Ioua writes Glenna a note that went something like this:

Dear Glenna

I heard from friend that you like me.  I like you too.  Friend said you wanted to go out.  I think that is a good idea.  Write back.

(BIG HEART) Ioua Alen Lagazo

Glenna Writes Ioua a note:

Dear Ioua

I like you too.  My answer is yes, lets go out.


Glenna and Ioua were so happy and wrote notes to each other all day long for about 2 months.  They never spoke in real life, or sat by each other, or had any physical contact.  They just REALLY liked their notes.  Then on Valentines day Ioua made Glenna a card.

Glenna was so excited to read it. She always dreamed of having a valentine. She smiled at him and said thank you and went to read it by her friends.  It said:

Dear Glenna

Lets brake up.

Glenna got really mad, ripped it up, and threw it on the ground in front of his face.  Later that day when Glenna got home her mom asked her what Ioua got her for Valentines. Glenna lied.

A few years pass and Glenna and Ioua stay friends.  When they are freshman in high school they go to a valentines dance.  Ioua has a stuffed animal and a card that he drew himself of them kissing.  In the picture Glenna’s glasses fall to the ground as they kiss.  Glenna doesn’t think it could get any better then this.  Ioua asks Glenna to be his girlfriend. Glenna says yes and they dance the night away!

Glenna and Ioua are ‘dating’ so that means they hold hands at school.  They make googly eyes at each other at church since they aren’t old enough to date.  And they write in each others seminary note books.

Summer comes and Glenna decides that they are not old enough and she just wants to have fun mean Glenna.  So when Glenna and Ioua and all of their friends go to see the new Spider Man 2, she dumps him and then enjoys her movie … I guess they are even now right?

Well junior year of high school Glenna finds out she has to move … to Utah of all places.  She is so sad and so are her friends.  Glenna has great parents that bring her to visit about once a month.  She even gets to go to prom in California with all of her friends! (More on how that came about later).

Glenna goes off to BYU-Idaho and has the time of her life! She loves  her friends, her classes, and the many boys she meets.  Ioua goes off to BYU and dates all the girls he can … oh and gets REALLY good grades.

Ioua goes on his mission  and comes back just as Glenna graduates and moves back to California.  Ioua and Glenna fall in love … some stuff happens … he goes off to school and soon after she follows.  Glenna and Ioua get engaged.  Glenna finds out her mom has cancer.  Boy is wonderful and supportive and Glenna’s mom is blessed so much and doesn’t suffer too bad with treatment.

Glenna and Ioua get married! It is magical … it is perfect … and now comes the rest!

P.S.  If you made it through that whole thing you are a champ!

9 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. SO that’s what happened!? And now I understand what was going on with you guys during seminary. I always thought you guys just had pink eye – but I stand corrected – “googly eyes”.

  2. I really like your story.
    I hope you both will be happy ever after.


  3. Then call me a champ! What a CUTE story! I never knew all of the fun details. 🙂 And oh, your mom LET you guys “date” so young, wowzers I guess Randy is right about you being the spoiled one!

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