Half As Good

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This morning I woke up with Hermione, fixed breakfast for Ioua, and got ready all before 7:30 AM. I feel so good about myself. As I listened to Elder Christopherson’s talk about fathers I thought about all that fathers do. And what you don’t know is that behind the scenes Ioua is really what makes this family work. He is our backbone and he is a worthy priesthood holder which is the best thing he can be for Hermione and I.

What you don’t know is that every other day this week Ioua has gotten up with Hermione – in fact its rare if I do. When I woke up with Hermione she kept asking for Dadda because it was so weird to see me so early (5 AM).

What you don’t see is that Ioua came home from mutual last night and did the dishes – the super stinky dishes that should have been done the day before. That is why I was willing to make breakfast, because the kitchen was clean. And lets be honest they were frozen waffles from Trader Joe’s.

What no one sees is that Ioua faithfully fulfill’s his calling, while working and going to school. He loves us so much and always makes time for family. He changes dirty diapers and helps me with anything I need.

What I see is someone who supports my dreams and goals while working tirelessly on his own. I see someone who wants a good life for his family where we can always have the spirit in our home.

So I may only be half as good in every way, but thats okay with me. I feel honored and blessed to have such a husband.

My Best Friend

My best friend is handsome and strong. He loves me when I’m crazy. He forgives me when I’m wrong.






Happy 3 ¬†years!!! I love you and I can’t wait for forever!

Grown Up Decision Making

So its no secret we will be going to law school soon. I am so proud of Ioua and how hard he works! We are both really excited about starting this new chapter and being that much closer to never being ‘young married students’ ever again! One of the schools Ioua was accepted at paid for us to come to San Diego and check out the school. Woo hoo! We decided to stop in banning for a day first and then head on to San Diego. It was so great! But the very first stop was St. George … this happened.

You’re welcome.

Spending time with our family in Banning was so much fun! If there was ever a month to convince us to move to Cali, March would definitely be it. Everything was so beautiful!


It also doesn’t hurt to have a sister in law who makes the best cupcakes on the planet!


Yup that’s caramel. San Diego was a dream – of course. I miss it already. We went to the zoo and the beach and loved every minute of it! Hermione even took a nap for me Saturday morning while Ioua did law school stuff I fully enjoyed the king sized bed at the hotel! And got some Chipotle!






The zoo was so much fun, but it was also SO MUCH WALKING!!! It’s okay though, I needed it!














And that brings us to the grown up decision. Basically this week we need to decide where to go to law school. I think we know already what we want, but its scary to go for it you know? I’ll keep you updated on what we decide!