Stickers and Strawberries

Hermione is OBSESSED with stickers. It is the only thing we can use to keep her quiet in church. For easter we gave her stickers instead of candy and I keep finding stickers on EVERYTHING. It’s okay, they aren’t super sticky so I’ll just be glad I’m not finding crayon on my walls.

She is just so cute!!! I mean really, I hope our future kids are just as cute! She thinks she is a big girl. She wants to feed herself and take off her own clothes. She loves putting her stuffies to sleep and giving them kisses goodnight. Hermione will love you forever if you rub her back. I ask her if she wants a back rub and she comes and lays on my lap and I tickle her back with my fingertips … she is her mother’s daughter I guess!

I gave her her first taste of strawberries this week and she devoured them in about 5 seconds. Since then she has eaten probably half of my Costco size container. She insists on eating them with a fork too. Weirdo.

We are having a lot of fun over here and we can’t wait for real spring to  come! Pretty please Wisconsin???

Pre-Rainy Day

This video was pre-rainy day … spring in Wisconsin is such a tease. Hermione and I are in survival mode until we will finally be able to go outside. Send sunshine!

Spring? Are you there??

Hermione and I tried to go outside today to play in the snow and possible take some pictures … nope. Like 4 or 5 inches of snow. So I guess we will share what our day really looks like today.

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When A Day Is Just Great :: Mitchel Domes

Wednesday was a truly fabulous day! I had the car and I decided I was going to have some excitement for us no matter what! So I drug my friend to the Mitchel Domes with me here in Milwaukee. I had seen a lot about them on Instagram and knew I wanted to check them out while the train exhibit was still up. They were so awesome! And totally worth it since our kids were free!!!

Here is a little Vlog I made of our time there!

I’m a newbie at that so sorry about the background noise! Here are some pictures too! Absolutely loved it! The desert room though pulled at my heart strings a bit. Made me REALLY homesick.

The whole set up was so much fun. It would be a really great place to just let your kids run and get their wiggles out. Also, the room smelled so great with all of the flowers! It was good for the soul to be in some nature for a while. Even if it was just for a couple of hours.

Now I need to know about any other great places to take kids in Milwaukee!

Finally Getting H Out Of The House

Man, winter is hard with a toddler. Especially since I only get the car on Monday’s. Yesterday we finally got to go on an outing and it was the best!!! We started the day at Target to get a couple of things and man I just want to say whoever invented Gummies I am forever indebted to you.


After that we were headed to Joann Fabrics (where I spent way too much on fabric) and on the way I spotted a Buy Buy Baby! So in we went and I was in heaven!!! Seriously, anything you never knew you wanted – and I few things I have been dying to have for forever!

The Bugaboo Donkey for example. Completely impractical seeing as I only have one child right now. Also, they are so expensive. But man oh man they are the holy grail of strollers.  I mean come on! Doesn’t she just look perfect in it! It was just as marvelous in person!

IMG_1836 2

Later that day I decided her hair was just too out of control and cut her bangs. I had to do it while she ate chicken nuggets so she would stay still. I think thats the straightest I have gotten them so far! haha

Sorry for the weird lighting. She is the cutest!!! Perhaps we will be brave and take a walk this week in the freezing cold … but probably not.

I’ve Got Blood On My Shoulder

I’ve got blood on my shoulder. The sleeve of my white shirt. Probably some boogers as well. My to do list seems to have come out of no where since yesterday when it seemed like I had my life together. My daughter wouldn’t eat her lunch so now she is in bed and I have cooked carrots on my floor, my pants, and in my hair. I am typing this sitting next to the work out clothes I laid out last night in the hopes that would motivate me to exercise and all I want to do is eat the symphony bar sitting on my kitchen table. Not even piece by piece, just like take a huge bite out of it.

Hows that for a rant?

I tried to get Hermione to give me eskimo kisses today and she just screamed and wriggled to get out of my arms. But I still love her. Its kind of crazy how obsessed I am with her. But I want to be cute, and not have carrots in my hair.

Today we go to mutual. Both of us are called to serve in the youth programs at our church and Wednesday night we both go, with Hermione, and get er done. The youth are so much fun, but I often feel pretty useless since I basically chase Hermione around the whole time. Same thing on Sunday.

So I’m going to put on some real pants, possible some mascara (if I wash yesterday’s off) and make myself feel like I have some control. Wish me luck.

Mom’s Poncho

My mom got this poncho on her 16th birthday. It is so rad! She gave it to me when I was in high school but I was always too scared to wear it, afraid I might mess it up. I LOVE IT. Don’t mind my awkward poses. Now I just need to go on a fun date somewhere where I can show it off … hint hint hubby…

Ponch 2Poncho 1Poncho 3Poncho 4

I know I’m so cool.

Ioua started back to school today and I’m pretty bummed he isn’t here, but it has been nice to get back to a real schedule. The house is clean and I even have dinner in the crock pot, like a boss.

Hermione is growing up too flipping fast. I feel like she is already turning into a teenager! Last week we went to the pediatrician and she said, “If she hasn’t started already she will probably start throwing fits soon.” And like clock work Hermione now throws fits. She is still the sweetest, but oh my! I need advice on how NOT to raise my voice all day long. My neighbors probably think I’m nuts.

I have been trying to teach her body parts and such and yesterday when we were learning nose I held her and gave her a few eskimo kisses and I kid you not I did it like 3 times and she fell instantly to sleep, like snoring. It was the sweetest thing and my heart just melted.

Basically life is pretty rad right now – minus the 1 degree weather we are having in Milwaukee. It just makes you want to cry, so I don’t like to think about it.

Starting Fresh

Obviously I have been slacking on writing. Moving to Wisconsin sure through me for a loop and its taken a little while to get my bearings. This school year has gone by pretty quickly which kind of surprised me. Ioua has been working so hard and I’m so proud of him.

I think people were right when they would say we would become a lot closer and have to rely on each other a lot more. While I don’t dislike WI, its definitely a change to be so far from any family or friends I might have relied on in the past.

Hermione is thriving (I often think in spite of my boringness) I’m still not quite sure what to do with ourselves all day. Summer can’t come soon enough! I have been looking into possibly getting a bike with a bike trailer so that Hermione and I can get around easier. If anyone has any suggestions on bikes for a non-biker let us know!

I have missed writing and I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things, so bare with me while I get some kind of a schedule in my life.

And last but not least … photos.

Just FYI – fall is without a doubt the best time to come visit us. I mean really. And this is just what the parks look like here. So beautiful.

I took the mints away so we could take a nice family selfie … rookie mistake. She lost it.

Hermione’s first birthday! So funny to watch her not have any idea what was going on. It was fun for us though!

New Years in St George – I got the stomach flu and didn’t get to have any fun. Poor me. And then I gave it to Hermione and Ioua. Poor them.


And this one of us hiking in St George just cause she is so dang cute! Stop growing up you little turkey!